How the story Began

I always loved the way scented candles made my home feel warm and inviting. So, one day, I decided to turn my love of candles into a business. I began by researching the market and learning about different candle-making techniques. I experimented with different waxes, wicks, and fragrances to create my own unique candles.

I worked hard to perfect my recipes and eventually launched my own line of scented candles. I focused on creating natural, eco-friendly candles made with high quality materials, fragrances and soy wax.

Today, my small business is growing and I am able to do what I love every day - creating beautiful, aromatic candles that bring joy and relaxation to people's lives. My name is Ihsane and welcome to my unique candle world!

Who are we?

ELAM is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in eco-friendly soy candles that bring joy and relaxation to your home. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax and natural fragrances, ensuring a clean, long-lasting burn. We offer a wide range of scents to fit any mood or occasion, and our candles are perfect for gifting or treating yourself. Thank you for choosing Elam and we hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do!

Our mission 

Our mission is to create high-quality, natural candles that enhance the well-being and enjoyment of our customers. We believe that the simple act of lighting a candle can have a powerful impact on your mood and environment, and we strive to bring that experience to as many people as possible.

To achieve this mission, we use only the best ingredients in our candles. Our soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, and we carefully source our natural fragrances to ensure the highest quality. Soy wax also burns cleanly and slowly, making our candles longer-lasting and more sustainable